Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tricky English: There, to, one,

Here are some tricky English words for my friends learning English.

These are just a few of the tricky words in the English language. Even native speakers have a difficult time with these three sets of similar words.

There is one person over here.
Their team won the game.
They’ve two games to go.
They’re too crazy.

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There – place. Ex. (example) over there
Their – shows owner ship. Refers to people (remember “he and I are both people” tHEIr)
*They’re – they are
*They’ve – they have

One – number
won – past of to win
Two – number
Too – excessive (remember “too has too many oo’s”)
To – part of a the infinitive verb form “to run, to dance, to kiss, etc” some would refer to it as a preposition but I'm pretty sure it's not.

Please comment or ask questions below, and I will try my best to answer. But hopefully someone will have my back** and help me out if I don't know.

haha and as a side note, I am not an English scholar, just a native speaker. Please feel free to add to this post or make suggestions (in the comments). I will update anything that needs to be changed (from the comments below).

*Note that contractions should not be used in formal writing but should be used in speech.
 **To have my back slang for "to help me out"