Friday, December 19, 2014

Chineasy: How I'm Studying

I'm not.

But, my fantasticly perfectly amazing husband gave Chineasy to me for Christmas! This is a book I have been wanting for, for some time now...

Not only is it a lovely approach to a language that quite honestly I was just scared to even begin to attempt but the book is so beautifully and brilliantly designed that it looks like I will be at least learning a bit about the Chinese language and culture.

Sooo, my plan 

My plan with Chineasy is to simply read the book and enjoy it for the beautiful work of art that it is. Ooh the beautiful illustrations just make me feel warm inside.

It's possible and likely that I will want to learn more of and about this language. Our local library has a Chinese children's section and there are a lot of Chinese people in our community. There is even a Chinese church. 

So my contingency plan (if I do decide to study the language) is to read the book a second time and focus on learning the characters.

Then get the flashcards and learn pronunciation, so I can read with semi accurate sounds in my get the sounds I will probably ask one of the many native speakers in the community.

I currently have no time line for Chinese. Since its not really a part of my 5 year plan (which keeps growing).

But for now my plan really is to just let it happen if it's going to happen. As they say in Urdu and Arabic, Insha'Allah.  

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Long Term Language Goals

By 2020 in addition to reading and writing, I would like to be able to have an intellectual conversation in Portuguese, Spanish, Hindi/Urdu, and American Sign Language. By intellectual conversation, i suppose I mean that I would like to make it to and pass the checkpoints where you can stumble through basic gramar, understand and eventually think in the language, as well as be able to discuss politics, religion, and philosophy.

In addition, I would like to begin to read Italian and French. I sometimes already can read both but don't know what language it is, it just happens to make sense or once I discover the English I realize the vocab is similar to Portuguese or Spanish, just spelled different.

I would like to have a basic understanding of Norwegian and Lakota in this time frame as well. I think this means different things in the two languages. In Norwegian it means a few bible verses and The Lord's Prayer and in Lakota, it means some listening skills, some more vocabulary, and more cultural understanding.

I would also like to begin looking at vocabulary for Hebrew, Greek or Aramaic mostly for Bible study purposes.

My most important goal is to have fun and just keep learning, while remembering that plateaus happen. It is also ok if I don't achieve all of these goals as long as I keep improving.

I will soon write a post sharing where I am currently at with these language goals.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Describe Your Day in Your Weakest Language

One of people in one of the groups for language nerds that I am in on Facebook posted a challenge. The challenge was to talk about your day in the language that is your weakest. I chose Hindi, which I suppose, if you know Hindi you can see why. So here goes...

मेरे दिन अछा था। पहली मेरी अज art gallery में काम किया। अगली मैं घर   लौट आया और  Christmas के लिए सज (decorate?) कीया। तेसर मैं कुछ खाना बनाया और मेरे पति के साथ खाया। के  बाद हम YoungLife के लिए चल गाये और घर में लोताया (?)। अबी/अबहीं/अभी मैं हिंदी practice कर रही हूं। 

Meri din acchi tha. peheli meri aaj art gallery men kaam kiya. Agli/baad main ghar lout aaya aur Christmas ke liye decorate kiya. Tesra, main kuch khaana banaya (i) aur meri pati ke sath khaaya. Ke Bad, hum YoungLife ke liye chal gaye aur ghar men aaya/loutaya. Abhi main hindi practice kar rahi hoon.

I will gladly accept corrections and questions :)

Mere hindusthani doston corrected it for me...

Mera din achcha tha. Pehle maine art gallery mein kaam kiya. Uske baad main ghar laut aayi air Christmas ke liye sajavat ki. Phir maine khana banaya aur apne pati ke saath khaya. Uske baad hum young life ke liye gaye aur waapis ghar laut aaye. Abhi main Hindi    abhyaas kar rahi hoon.

Henna print making doodles :)