Thursday, May 11, 2017

YouTube Practice

One of my favorite ways to practice speaking is on YouTube. I realize that you don't get to practice conversational skills this way, which is where I openly struggle in all my languages.

But here are the steps for how I practice using YouTube.

1. Preparation.
My preparation for a YouTube video varies greatly. I either decide on a topic or simply take out my phone and start rambling. Sometimes, I find this especially helpful in the early stages, I will write out a script and read it.

2. Recording.
This is simple. Sometimes I use the webcam on my computer and if I'm not at home, I use my phone.

3. Editing. 
I realize that I could just upload the videos but I have realized that it is helpful for viewers to at least have subtitles. This is true even for speakers of the language. But also it can make it enjoyable for my other viewers, who are primarily English speaking.