Thursday, January 16, 2014

Common Hindi Verbs Thought of on the Fly

Here are the first verbs that came to mind when I began my list. And here is a practice sentence where you can fill in the black with the appropriate verb.

Main ______ chahati/a hoon

Main - I
Chahana - to want
Chahati/a - I want (i-feminine, a-masculine)
Hoon - am

Main khaana chahati hoon - I want to eat (said by a female)
Campaign Posters in Sanchi, Madhya Pradesh, India

Chahana              To want                      

Khaana                To eat

Hasna                  To laugh

Pina                     To drink

Karna                  To do

Pyar karna           To love

Banana                To do/to make

Khelna                 To play

Likhna                 To Write

Pardna                 To read/to study

Natchna               To dance

Sona                    To sleep

Bolna                  To speak

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