Friday, December 19, 2014

Chineasy: How I'm Studying

I'm not.

But, my fantasticly perfectly amazing husband gave Chineasy to me for Christmas! This is a book I have been wanting for, for some time now...

Not only is it a lovely approach to a language that quite honestly I was just scared to even begin to attempt but the book is so beautifully and brilliantly designed that it looks like I will be at least learning a bit about the Chinese language and culture.

Sooo, my plan 

My plan with Chineasy is to simply read the book and enjoy it for the beautiful work of art that it is. Ooh the beautiful illustrations just make me feel warm inside.

It's possible and likely that I will want to learn more of and about this language. Our local library has a Chinese children's section and there are a lot of Chinese people in our community. There is even a Chinese church. 

So my contingency plan (if I do decide to study the language) is to read the book a second time and focus on learning the characters.

Then get the flashcards and learn pronunciation, so I can read with semi accurate sounds in my get the sounds I will probably ask one of the many native speakers in the community.

I currently have no time line for Chinese. Since its not really a part of my 5 year plan (which keeps growing).

But for now my plan really is to just let it happen if it's going to happen. As they say in Urdu and Arabic, Insha'Allah.