Monday, January 4, 2016

2015 Language Goals - Not a Total FAIL

Did I reach my 2015 goals?

General - When people ask if I speak a language, say "Yes, I speak it." And then speak it. Sometimes...But I think I need to continue to work on saying "yes" with confidence.
Right Hand Panel of Unknown God Tryptic - Agyaat Bhagvaan Ke Liye
Felicia Follum

Português - I don't want to get worse and hope to maintain my skills by listening to "Você Sabia?" on YouTube and commenting weekly. I don't think I got worse but I have not been commenting weekly

Hindi - Create speaking videos monthly and practice writing monthly. Nope. But this was a bit of a lofty goal. A extra monthly video is a lot.

Arabic - Listen to speakers. Pick up common words and Urdu words. Yep! I listen whenever I get the chance and I do tend to pick up words.

Somali - Listen when given the opportunity. Practice the few phrases I know. Yes! I even have been able to practice with people in an airport. I will share this story soon :)

Latin - I would love to finish reading John but that may need to wait. Yep, it is waiting. But I hope to come back to this. Not giving up on it yet.

Spanish - I don't want to mix Português and Spanish intentionally. If a Spanish speaker speaks English I will speak English. If they understand Português, I will speak Português. Well I don't mix the two but I am forgetting Spanish. Which I'm hoping will help keep them separated in the long run.  I am also forgetting my Portuguese but I think that according to my understanding of the theory behind the idea of Spaced Repition Memorization, forgetting isn't the end of the world and may help in long term storage. Though I'm not sure how this relates to longer-than-ideal intervals. Either way, I'm sure Spanish will come back and be stronger than ever when it is needed.