Wednesday, January 20, 2016

2016 Langauge Learning Goals

While I was home over the holidays, I was able to take a few moments and wish you all a Merry Christmas in a couple different languages. You can see me do the language challenge in the first few moments of this video. I took 15 seconds to send my holiday wishes in as many languages as possible.

And a Happy New Year!!!!

So now let's get to it! I have been a bit of a slacker the last few months as far as language learning goes. As you probably know my language learning is a hobby and not a job. So it really only gets a focus when I have extra time...But here are some goals for the next year or at least January and February ish ;)

Português - I don't want to get worse and hope to maintain my Portuguese skills by listening to "Você Sabia?" on YouTube and commenting weekly.

Hindi - Weekly listening. Practice writing sentences. More complex sentences and find someone to correct them.

Urdu - Relearn the alphabet.

Spanish - It will be important to learn Spanish in the future. I want to finish the Portuguese tree in DuoLingo and then start on the Spanish tree in Portuguese.

Latin - I would love to finish reading John but that may need to wait.

Somali - Listen when given the opportunity. Practice the few phrases I know.

Arabic - Listen to speakers when they are around. Pick up common words and Urdu words. I don't plan to put any effort into finding Arabic speakers. Learn the alphabet and the difference between Urdu and Arabic.

Picture credit - You can learn more about me and my art on my website.