Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Jungle Pick-Nick: Week 3

Wow today was such a great day! We had a pick-nick, or picnic, with our kiddoes in a jungle for US Brazil Connect

I have this strange fascination with banana trees and today was my first actual hike through trails lined with banana trees and tropical flowers. In the following weeks there were more gorgeous hikes to follow, including one to a gorgeous waterfall. I should have some good video from that adventure. 
I think I will get another chance to go on a hike before leaving this beautiful and inspiring country.

We played volleybal, ate, sang karaoke, and hiked a beautiful trail literally in what I would consider a jungle. 

I had a blast on the bus ride and at the pic-e nic-e with my students. Yes, I am mimicking how Brazilians say words in English. 

I will share a blog about what happens on the back of Brazilian school buses. But for now, check out my YouTube videos.

Originally posted on my travel art website in August 2014