Wednesday, December 6, 2017

PROOF PIC Do Grapes grow on The Wine?

Mera Hindusthani accha dost pagal ha.
My good Indian friend is absolutely crazy.

One evening we got into a bit of an argument while drinking a bit of wine in my art studio. This friend, to be quite honest, is one of the most American Indians I know but not ABCD as can be seen in another conversation with him.

Me: Nahin, nahin bas tujhe pagal baat hai! Ananth* it is technically a wine yard its actually a vineyard
A: They are the same word...What we are drinking and thing grapes grow on are the same.

Me: No Ananth they are not. Tum pagal ho yaar!

A: What is the difference?

Me: One is Va and the other Wa?

A: ok, so it's the same sound...

Me: No, it's like Ta, Tt, Th and Tth, Da and Dha... They all sound the same to me (and I'm pretty sure I said them all the same) but people keep telling me they are not the same...

A: Thik hai, thik hai

A couple days later I texted Ananth with an explanation of how to make the different sounds...I am still not sure if he really thought they were the same or if it was the vine talking...

*Name has been changed to protect the involved party.Name has been changed a second time because he didn't like the name I picked out.

**Excuse my bad Hinglish...That is part of why I started this blog...Is to one day be able to look back and feel good because I have gotten that much better.