Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Spicy Lil' Valentine

Me cooking Pakora
I realize that since this is technically a Christmas post I should have written it a while back but..

My Dad Posing with His Christmas Gift
I am sure you will still enjoy and this gift idea. This post is in celebration of Valentines Day and sharing gifts with those we love.

My parents absolutely loves food, flavors and the art behind cooking. Over Thanksgiving the Holidays I took the ingredients for pakora/pakoda as well as some achar, or Indian pickled mango, and prepared it all for my parents.

They both loved it. Even my grandma enjoyed.

For Christmas Later, I decided that I would get my dad achar, or Indian Pickle, and Indian ketchup, and I gave my mom the ingredients for pakora which I then made.

We used the ketchup with our breakfast in the morning and my dad used the pickle on absolutely everything he could. (check back for my Desi Breakfast recipe). If you know my dad you know how he loves his sauces...He is a saucy man, personality too.

What creative food themed gift baskets could you give as gifts to your loved ones this Valentines Day?