Friday, February 7, 2014

Call for Hindi Writing Topics

Dhokra Clay Base...West Bengal, India. More on my Art Blog.

What do you want me to practice writing about in Hindi?

Pehele, please send me some easy topics so I can practice (vocab, tenses, verbs etc). My goal is to write about a page every week this month (though I'm not making any promises to post them to this blog in a timely manner, magar main khoshish karongi). If it goes well I will continue through March.

Dusra, I would also be up for suggestions for online kids books in Hindi to read.

Tesra, anyone willing to proofread, let me know...

haha they might be rough but I'll include the English of what I'm trying to say which should make it a bit easier.

Phir se dhanyavaad doston! 

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